who changed my dashboard?

thats weird, wordpress changed my dashboard! its an odd combo of blue and orange… my theory is wordpress is prophetically trying to tell me to become a denver broncos fan. i need to become a football fan first…. nice try though!

so the dizzle is we’s gots this sweet group here from pennslyvania (yes, jared, i probably spelled that wrong) called the global school of supernatural ministry. i had to look at the screen to get that right. its been amazing. jess lindahl told me i’m the next todd bently 🙂 and last night the prophetic word for me was to knock it off…. noooot too sure what to do with that one. anyways the blessing tunnel is still going an hour and a half strong, jim is still completely plowed in the holy spirit, i dont think he’s stopped laughing since we started an hour and a half ago. tara either. i’m not entirly sure the browns should drive themselves home tonight…


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