free flat tires…

yesterday, after work, chris and i decided to go drive around out back where we paintballed last august. i ran over a nail. this story is cooler than it sounds.we got back on the road to get a car wash cause my ride was filthy, when i a) noticed the car was driving all funky like, b) we were tilted down on the front drivers side door, and c) i smelled burning rubber. got outside and, yep, flat tire! awesome!

so chris let me borrow his phone to call the parents, who weren’t thrilled, and then left cause he had to babysit at 6:30. that left me alone on russel avenue on the wrong side of the auto mechanic curve. i knew basically what i was doing, but i could tell i would get to watch the sun go down from under my car. pulled out the jack, put in in a very hard to reach spot that looked like it could take a jack, and laid down to start jacking it up.

have you ever laid under a car on the side of the road while people  are going 50 about 5 feet from your face? i was pretty sure that someone was going to plow into my car and kill me.

but a nice man pulled up and pulled out his floor jack. (i was in the process of turning it by hand, around 6 revolutions per minute) he jacked up the car, whipped off the lugnuts, threw my spare on, whipped on the lugnuts, and said there you go buy. he was an amazingly nice guy. it should have taken an hour, it took 15 minutes. miracle # one. i then drove to get a car wash cause i had about a 1 sq foot spot on my windsheild where i could see.

got home and the parents were not thrilled. aparently, going off-roading with your friend whilst you be grounded isn’t cool. so i took the lecture and went repentently on my way. i pulled out my wallet, and there were 2 fives i had no idea where they came from. i had emptied my back pocket at the gas station and they weren’t there. miracle # dos.

skip ahead a day. i go to big o to get my tire fixed/ replaced, dreading yet expecting to pay $100. the guy who helped me was a kid from ROTC at school. free tire fix.

god rocks, i’m kinda convinced. 


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