ahhh 18….

the power to waive my newfound right to lotto tickets and tobbacco products… the power to buy high powered rifles… the power to sign a pro-life petition and then send a ballot knife into the jugular of planned parenthood next november….

 i’m going to play racquetball


3 Responses to “ahhh 18….”

  1. midnightcry Says:

    That’s my boy! Love you! – MOM

  2. WestSlideGuy Says:

    I love your blog heading with the traffic sign! Go Caleb! I see the title of “Adobe Fireworks Guru” coming in the near future.

  3. hortonhears Says:

    thought I’d let you know…. I love to play raquetball.*hint hint*.. and I know how to play 😉

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