what i can do when i’m 18 on friday

1. Get married
2. Smoke
3. Join the military
4. Buy Lotto tickets
5. Register for the draft
6. Get drafted
7. Go to grown up jail
8. Vote 
guess which one i’m doing? none of them… 

4 Responses to “what i can do when i’m 18 on friday”

  1. […] birthday in the Hickey household tomorrow… Caleb turns 18. You can check out his blog to see a few of his comments about what that means he can now do. I bought him a pretty expensive […]

  2. Happy B-day Caleb. Jesus, Bless Caleb today and let his day be filled with joy, a mighty annointing and fresh wind of your spirit. PC

  3. WestSlideGuy Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. The picture on your Dad’s blog site is the way I remember you when you came here. Can’t believe you’re 18! May your day be one of joy and gladness. Happy Birthday, Caleb! You are a fine young man, one a parent and the Lord may be proud of.

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