hillary, mccain, obama, sex, drugs, britney, illegal immigration and alcohol.

the title’s just a test. back when i posted my o so popular obama post, i got over 2000 hits. lets see where this takes us….anyway, its gorgeous today. 50’s, no lie. i love it. it means spring is here, which also means graduations almost here. we interviewed jared dupert last weekend for our youth pastor job. i really like him alot. i’m also dropping speech to take german 4. sprechen sie deutsch, anyone?

today, at work, i heard a story on the radio that cali just passed a law forbidding children to be taught by anyone with out a teaching degree, thus illiminating home schooling. as an opponent of public education, this freeks the poo outta me. i’m definently NOT sending my kids through obama’s education system of godless liberalism. (i don’t think he’s going to win, just giving a wcs (worst case scenario)) 


2 Responses to “hillary, mccain, obama, sex, drugs, britney, illegal immigration and alcohol.”

  1. The title roped me in. Silly me.

  2. hortonhears Says:

    The state of California is the one who won’t allow non-teacher parents to home school their kids. And I agree with you, I won’t send my kids through a liberal school system.

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