of nearly broken toes and sheer groundedness

yea yesterday i backed my car over my brothers foot. he had thrown a bunch of snow on my windshield during the river and i was making him clean it off, and to make a point i began to pull out to make a point as if i was leaving. didn’t make it very far…

so now i’m gazing down the barrel of a well needed 5.5 day break with no car or allowed social life. i’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time… but somebody had to be in the drivers seat, otherwise that car would have hit other things as well… 

whatever he found my old relient k cd and so i henceforth jam to that… i got a ride home from noah brown after work and he was barry gibb style singing everything he said, which seemed to cheer me up after 8 hours of inventorying baseball cards. despite the whole toe assassination attempt, its been a pretty good week. got a new bible and an airsoft gun… the end


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