obama bin laden…

obama bin laden

i saw a christian kid today sporting an obama ’08 fleece. i cannot stand barack hussein obama. he adamently opposed a law that would protect babies who lived through partial birth abortions (who, by the way, exceed chuck norris himself on the toughness scale) from being left on a cold table to die alone. the process has been know to excruciatingly span over 45 minutes. our lovely friend osama hussein voted for that, citing the intent of the mother.  when andrea yates drown her childern years ago, wasn’t that the intent of the mother? why did she get the death sentance? this, by the way, is not the intent of the mother. this is what the murder mill planned parenthood people who want the blood of childern to magically turn into money in their pockets want us to think the mom wants for her baby, but in reality, all she wants is to deal with her situation, and planned murderhood will scream loud enough to drown out any other voice offering her another option. its the sickest advirtising scheme conceivible, and the crappy part is they think they get to tote around a supreme court stamp of approval for their schemes.

WHAT ABOUT THE INTENT OF GOD? do we even consider what dreams God concieved in his heart for these children? he’s spent all eternity dreaming of what these children will do, and obama wants to leave the ones that survive the grotesque operation comparible only to the holocaust to die on a cold tray alone.

i’m so enfuriated by this. thank god that partial birth abortion is no longer legal. but we’ve only eliminated the gas chamber in this holocaust. there are many other ways that these people have to murder children.

48 million of my peers have died. not another one.

(btw, i just went looking for an image of him to post on here. the first one that popped up is like 4800×6000. i’m pretty sure that won’t fit on a sheet of printer paper. )

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3 Responses to “obama bin laden…”

  1. steve johnson Says:

    Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt.

  2. Jesus tittyfucking Christ. Your spelling and grammar is horrible. Beyond that, you’re an absolute moron and so is your faggot dad. God appeared to me in a dream and told me that you and your father should satisfy each other orally, and who are we to deny these dreams God conceived in His heart for His children? So get to 69ing or you’re going to Hell.

  3. “Planned Murderhood”?!?! You are fuckin’ shame to god, you assume you know god’s will??? Blasphemy is a sin, if you didn’t read your bible. I bet you are one of the hypocritical Christians that is pro-death penalty, anti-abortion aren’t you? Such a coddled lil’ boy with a dad who’s chief concern in office is Pederasty, maybe he should have been a priest. You don’t know love, you don’t know God, you are just a parrot of your self-entitled bullshit your daddy taught you. think for yourself, polly.

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