odds and ends

as i was listening to desperation band in my car on the way home, i realized how mercilessly cold it is outside. its so cold its border-line immoral. and as i hunched forward because my supposedly “heated” leather seats were almost as freezing as everything everywhere, i couldn’t see out my window because it was fogged up. now, my car window doesn’t only fog up, it looks as if someone took sweaty infant feet and did a poor perspiration finger (feet) painting.

 tomorrow is a day off, which is a good day in my book. its also mid-term, which means, using onething as a reference point, i am 1/4 of the way closer to the end of my high school career. I’m getting a b in creative writing, which is surprising, as i haven’t done absolutely anything in that class.

what the heck, the end 


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