IHOP here i come…

its official, next year i’ll be a student at the Forerunner School of Ministry in Kansas City. the timing couldn’t have been better. this morning i was really bummin out for no particular reason, its still going to be a long day, i wont get home until 9 tonight. but i sat down in my speech class and opened up my email to see an email from the FMA admissions office, which is odd, because i didn’t apply for FMA. but it was from an ihop admissions office so i opened it anyway. basically it said your in and we’ll send you an info packet soon.

¬†beat that…


3 Responses to “IHOP here i come…”

  1. TheOtherWestSlideGuy Says:

    Congratulations! That’s terrific.

  2. Great! More trips to KC for me. Some envy in me wishing I could be in each class. Take good notes.

  3. Way to go Caleb! You will meet some awesome people from many nations. In the meantime, be a light for the lost sheep @ Lincoln.

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