it is finished…..fer shizzle this time

just got done preaching. i totally felt as though it was out of my own strength, but i’m believing the word of god does not return void. in worship afterwords, i felt god reminding me of the time that elijah ran to the mountain of god after his encounter with the prophets of baal on mt carmel. he was totally discouraged even to the point of asking god to take him home. god showed up to him in a small whisper

 i’m sick of the earthquakes, wind and fire. where’s god? not to be a downer. it was a dec night. i can’t dispise the day of small beginnings. we had about 30 in attendance, noah and jazmine did a good job leading worship. i’m just ready to jump into the greatness god has for this group. i believed we would have hundreds at our meetings, and i dont think we’ve saved one person. i still believe god for that, but when?


One Response to “it is finished…..fer shizzle this time”

  1. Caleb, I see it didn’t take you long to get the blog up and running.
    Haven’t been to BURN, but want to encourage ya’ll to saturate in the presence of the Lord thru worship and reading the word as much as you can-during the week. Your generation has a HUGE CALL on them and it isn’t going to be religion as usual. Live HOLY lives before Him and want Him more than anything the world has to offer and He’ll show up. I’m as anxious as you are for the FIRE to fall. Hope to see you @ Firestarters Fri. night.

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