global warming my butt, al gore can come here and shovel my driveway!

Posted in 1 on April 25, 2008 by hickey074

aaaaahhh the end of april. time for prom, graduating (ALMOST!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!), warm weather… and snow, aparrently. its flippin april, and its freakin snowing. i decided to wear shorts this morning……………. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea. maybe mother nature is telling me she doesn’t want to see my fat legs in shorts.

anyways, if the world is getting warmer, it better hurry up, cause global cooling is kicking its butt!


oh the randomness of it all

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i never want to wear a military uniform again. i’m in rotc at school and have been stuck in two very uncomfortable uniforms that fit a lot better back in august then they do today. i am also watching the alternative ending to “I am Legend” right now. i like it better, it portrays the mutants as more human and just badly sick rather than pshyco freaks who make you jump at inconvenient times. the office is on tomorrow, which is sweet. jim better propose and pam better say yes, cause if they don’t then i’ll be kinda ticked.


the end

deblocking the blocked sites

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yes, this post is mainly for the sake of keeping up with my blog… i am capable of getting to almost any blocked site i desire… facebook, youtube… not porn sites, not my style

the office is on very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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37 minutes!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

graphic design?

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who changed my dashboard?

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thats weird, wordpress changed my dashboard! its an odd combo of blue and orange… my theory is wordpress is prophetically trying to tell me to become a denver broncos fan. i need to become a football fan first…. nice try though!

so the dizzle is we’s gots this sweet group here from pennslyvania (yes, jared, i probably spelled that wrong) called the global school of supernatural ministry. i had to look at the screen to get that right. its been amazing. jess lindahl told me i’m the next todd bently 🙂 and last night the prophetic word for me was to knock it off…. noooot too sure what to do with that one. anyways the blessing tunnel is still going an hour and a half strong, jim is still completely plowed in the holy spirit, i dont think he’s stopped laughing since we started an hour and a half ago. tara either. i’m not entirly sure the browns should drive themselves home tonight…

two hour office marathon hosted by john krasinski tonight!!!

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i forgot my phone at work. i’ll be glued to the chair at 8 pm